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Everything is based on feelings/ intro

Hey guys so idek what the fuck I’m doing what whatever. My papa always said i should start a blog so imma fuckin do it. Anyway my name is £\+}^|!\¥]£ and I am § years old. Anyways back on topic. 

So recently I’ve need thinking. Yeah I know who the fuck actually thinks today. Well anyways most of my thoughts were just bull shit but sometimes I come across something that’s like woah that might actually be a thing. So yeah. Read the title again. Okay so everything is based off of feelings. I believe this is true. Take anything you have ever done ever or anyone has ever done. Why did they do it. Most likely tha answer will be either out of hate, love, or just not caring at all. Fuck my land owners just got gown peace out guys ☺️

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